Residential Property Cleaning

Residential Property Cleaning

Exterior Building Washing

Are your buildings exterior surfaces like stucco, aluminum siding or hardwood exterior surface in need of a pressure sensitive “gentle wash”?

Our preferred method requires a bit of old fashioned elbow grease and brush rinse from our long reaching pole systems.

After a solution is administered to the problem areas, scrubbed with the correct pressure and brush head, all you are left with is a clean undamaged surface.

Gutter Cleaning

Debris is removed by hand, from a ladder, the roof, or from a boom lift, and the system is flushed from the roof to the ground to ensure it is working properly.

We do ladder work to ’40 feet, and boom lift work to ’80 feet. We also work directly from the roof, while being harnessed into a safety line fall restraint system.

Roof & Gutter Repairs

From minor leaks to gutter installations, roof repairs and complete replacements, our trained repairmen will figure out the best, least expensive, long term solution to your strata roof and gutter problems. We use only the highest quality polyurethane sealants.

Pressure Washing

Time for a building makeover? Let us remove those years of built up dirt, algae and grime on your strata property. We safely power pressure wash  and clean buildings, balconies, patios, sidewalks, common courtyards, parking lots and undergrounds, without causing wear or damage.

Window Cleaning and Glass Care

Specializing in lowrise buildings, whether it be ladder work and window cleaning by hand with a squeegee kit, or telescopic purified water feed pole for exteriors Superhero Property Maintenance has cleaned windows, railing glass, glass awnings and skylights with over 15 years experience.

We provide quality results, efficient service, with no stains or streaking marks for all multi-family residential, strata complexes, and commercial buildings.

Telescopic purified water feed pole system or “Tuckerpole” window cleaning is a beneficial option. A cost efficient way to maintain a residential or commercial buildings’ exterior appearance with added bonuses of window frames and flashing cleaning. We can establish a regular cleaning schedule that fits your budget and needs.

We also do ladder work to 20 feet, and are qualified boom lift operators, routinely working at up 70 feet while being harnessed into a safety line fall arrest system.

Commercial Services Offered to:

Office Buildings
Property and Facility Managers
Industrial Centres and Business Parks
Medical Buildings
Commercial Realtors
Lease holders
Retail Stores/Retail Chains
Hotel & Theatres
Cities, Districts, Municipalities & Government Buildings
Sporting Venues and Special Events
Gas Stations
New Construction
Marinas & Fleet and Heavy Equipment Washing