Property Maintenance Services

Property Maintenance Services Vancouver

Regular Maintenance & Scheduled Cleaning Services

    • Exterior Window Washing – Including window frames by purified telescopic water fed pole brush system, heavily soiled windows may require additional care by hand with use of glass scrapers and glass sensitive blades
    • Interior Window Cleaning by Squeegee and hand tools – including balcony glass, glass awnings and railings
    • Power Scrubbing & Power Pressure Washing – Various application settings include parkades, pathways, stone faces, brick, granite’s, rigid metal surfaces
    • Exterior Soft Washing – Includes medium and light pressure application ideal for pressure sensitive surfaces such as soft woods, vinyl siding, old paint, powder coats surfaces, fences,
    • Exterior Building Siding Cleaning and soft wash by Telescopic Water Fed Pole Brush – Aluminum, Cedar,Douglas  Fur, Stone, Granite, Aggregate, Pebble Stone, Vinyl, Stucco
    • Algae, Moss, Mold, Mildew Removal & Treatment
    • Gutter Cleaning – Clean interior gutters, free and remove debris from eavestroughs and down spouts, replace gutter guards, check gutter seals for cracks and leaks, clean gutter exterior water marks and spills
    • Roof Sweep and Inspection – Assess general health and condition of roof top, pooling water concerns, remove leaves and fallen debris from valleys and gullies
    • Commercial Store Fronts – Scheduled and routine window and glass cleaning, soft wash of and business signs and awning cleaning, power pressure washing of exterior building surfaces, walk ways and side walks. Treatment of algae, moss growth and other slip fall hazards.

Painting, Finishing and Decorating Services

  • Exterior & Interior Painting & Finishing – Fine detail and precision roller applied painting, cutting in by brush, colour matching and surface aesthetic restoration touch-ups
  • Exterior & Interior Waterproofing – When damp and humid conditions are present two part epoxies, water sealants and other first skin membranes are applied to a surface prior to finishing.
  • Sealing and Waterproofing – Reseal and apply surface protection barriers and insulation.
  • Move in / Move out services – When a rental unit or condo apartment becomes available on the renters market in Vancouver and requires a fresh coat of paint for the new tenants.


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