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Why Choose SPM for A Fresh Coat

SuperHero Property Maintenance (SPM), thanks you for considering our company for all your professional painting and finishing needs in Vancouver, BC. SPM is your preferred surface cover application contractor and colour experts because we are a detail oriented company. We acknowledge each client’s request and deliver professional results from initial quote and planning stages of the project, to the last stroke of the brush and clean up. Colour and texture can powerfully redefine a space and renew its charm. We offer decorative consulting and decorating recommendations throughout the job process. We also guarantee that at SPM we work with quality materials adhering to the strictest Environment Canada guidelines and Metro Vancouver liquid waste regulations.

What Can a New Paint Job Do for my Space?

Few property upgrades match the dramatic visual before and after contrast of a successful cosmetic upgrade project. SPM can completely transform the aesthetics and overall feel of your home space and yet the work we complete alters only the substrate surface layers. With complementary lighting the overall dramatic improvement will give your property a fresh new face and appeal.

Choose the Right Paint for the Application

Not all finishing projects are strictly cosmetic, surface alterations can also be practical in nature and act as a physical protective barrier for the structure itself. Surface restoration projects are defined by necessity. Some may need special attention to factors such as occupants’ health and or allergies as well as government standards and certifications. Times and technologies are changing fast and so are the materials we manufacture for those adaptations. Colour pigments and sealants are no exception. There are a wide variety of products on the market in Vancouver that  are designed with specific character traits that allow them to perform better in some domains versus others. It’s no longer a one size fits all world and various applications call for various solutions. This is where our company’s expertise is valuable to both industry and client. Some industrial grade finishes are excellent for durability and hostile environments but are impractical for the budgets of average consumer. Choosing the correct colour overlay is a science unto itself; and this contractor can help make the right choice in Vancouver BC.

Product Variants


Primer is the undercoating that prepares surfaces for the permanent color. Primer supports paint adherence to the surface. The results are longer lasting; offering better protective qualities to the entire cover job. Primer has sealant properties which conceal stains from bleeding through to the finished surface and helps to mask blemishes.

Latex/Emulsion is a polymer based colloidal suspension of a liquid within another liquid. These liquids are usually oil or synthetic resin base, and bind with water.

Flat finish is similar to a matte finish but has a subtle reflective surface. This type of finish helps to camouflage imperfections and small cracks in drywall, especially on ceilings, but this surface cannot be washed clean if it becomes dirty or stained.

Matte finish has a less reflective surface than flat finish liquid, although similar in appearance, matte finish can be cleaned up if grime from walls must be removed.

Eggshell finish actually does look like the shell of an egg in its textural presence and offers a subtle glaze. With this finish, you will find washing off stains fairly simple. The downside to using this product is that this finish reveals imperfections, such as cracks and pockmarks.

Pearl or satin finish is easily cleaned and is ideal for high traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. These products also work well in any area with high humidity. Pearl finish is easy to maintain because it resists stains, moisture and dirt. The only potential issue with this type of finish is that it reveals uneven surface details on your walls because of the high gloss finish.

Semi-Gloss finish offers the addition of elegant detail to any room. Often used as a trim, semi-gloss finish showcases detailed woodworking. This type of liniment is often used to finish doors and furniture to showcase intricate craftsmanship. This particular product does extremely well with moisture; curing hard and also provides the most sheen.

Varnish/Shellac finishes offer a translucent clear coat—or a paint that bears no pigment—coating as a protection for the paint underneath, as well as a way to bring out the sheen of the color. These clear coatings are frequently applied over furniture and doors.

Wood stain features low viscosity or, in other words, it is a thin liquid. The purpose of wood stain is to permeate the surface that you place it on, such as woodworking, so you can enhance the rich colors of the wood. Made up of dye or pigment, wood stain is a binder and solvent and is sometimes used without a gloss covering it.

Lacquer is also considered a varnish and is a fast-drying solvent that offers a strong and tough finish.

Enamel is particularly glossy and shiny on its own, but it is sometimes mixed with urethane or varnish to further enhance the surface sheen and help with the hardening process. Rather than the common color pigments found in oil-based paints, enamel often consists of tiny metal flakes or sometimes glass dust to render the color.

Glaze, as an additive, helps increase translucency in the drying process, as well as slowing down the drying process. Glaze is often used to heighten intricate detail in sculpture and other art works.

Roof coating is frequently used in roof working projects since it is a fluid sheath that features great elasticity and fully adheres to the roof, stretching without damage. Covering the roof, this coating provides ultraviolet protection against the sun’s rays to help maintain the roof’s colour and resiliency.

Anti-graffiti coatings help prevent damage from vandals who paint on private and commercial buildings and sites. With sacrificial and non-bonding, you have two reliable choices. Sacrificial coatings allow you to remove graffiti paints by using a high-pressure washing system while non-bonding coatings give other colours little to adhere to. Once discovered, you can remove any graffiti with a solvent wash fairly easily.

Anti-climb is often used on ledges, drainpipes or anywhere there is the concern that vandals, burglars or anyone else might try to climb. This is considered a non-drying liquid that looks like any other paint, but it is quite slippery, making it difficult to climb. Additionally, it rubs off on anyone who tries to climb anywhere it is used.

Anti-fouling/Bottom paint is often applied to the submerged portion of the hulls of vessels as protection against crustaceans and other marine creatures from attaching to the bottom of the ship.

Insulation paint holds warmth and also slows the rate of thermal transfer. This action is achieved because the product is comprised of micro spheres that act as a temperature barrier between a surface and its environment.

Anti-slip is useful for swimming pool decks and other wet environments where people need to safely walk since it contains chemicals that create friction under foot.

Pros and Cons of Each Type

Water vs. Oil Based
Water: Advantages
• VOC minimized (volatile organic compounds)
• Colour consistent over long periods, little yellowing
• Dries quickly
• Simple cleaning and upkeep
• Crack resistant and flexible elasticity

Oil: Advantages
• Enhanced Sheen
• Self-leveling (brush applications have smooth and even finished textures)
• Robust, wear tolerant
Oil based colours are unnecessary given the modern technological advancements.  Acrylics have surpassed oils which are deemed unsafe because of their toxicity values. Improved waterborne alkyds behave and perform similarly to traditionally used oil based pigments while offering a much safer atmosphere for breathing.
Keep in mind that a surface coated with oil based pigment is prone to peeling if a water based layer is applied before sanding and a rough adhering surface texture has been scorned into the previous coat.

SPM Simplified Summary
Matte –
Little reflection, velvety texture, conceals imperfections, colour enhancement, difficult to maintain cleanliness.
Eggshell/Satin –
some reflection, better durability then matte, ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where wash-up are factors.
Semi-gloss/Gloss –
Very light reflective, detail enhancement attributes, highlights texture, great longevity

Paint Recycling and Waste Management

As an eco-friendly and responsible “Green” conscious company  in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we take great pride in doing our bit to contribute to the greater good of a healthy eco-system. Your SPM contractor guarantees proper disposal and recycling all left over materials during and at completion of all contracts.