Balcony Patio Restoration With Deck Cleaning Service

Superhero Property Maintenance Inc. (SPM) took this challenging, multi-layered, downtown Vancouver condominium balcony patio and deck cleaning service call following a associate referral from one of our landscapers partners “Yard Ventures”.  The client required urgent completion of work to the newly acquired West 2nd Avenue condo.  Once our friends at Yard Ventures completed the preliminary bedding groundwork we were free to assess our task at hand; to make the balcony patio decks and hardscapes look pretty again!

The mutual client’s had recently purchased this Downtown Vancouver strata condo downsizing from their 2 story, 5 bedroom house in Vancouver and felt the North and South facing patio’s would be ideal focal point for entertaining guest during the long summer nights ahead.

His vision was to use the restored and cleaned patio balcony spaces to showcase the gardens and urban cityscape views of the Kitsilano neighbourhood for friends and neighbours on warm summer evenings.

This property’s twin 2nd story patios featured fairly well placed but dated planters and garden enclosures. The South patio was situated over the strata’s car park and the North patio over a few lower level commercial businesses. Traffic on street level below both patios required consideration and a no messing approach.

Balcony stone tiling Vancouver - before treatment

The Challenges – The “Spidey Senses Are Tingling” With Initial Observations

The previous owner’s neglect of the two patio’s general care taking and upkeep were obvious. Our work here would be as much to do with damage control as it would be aesthetic restoration and beautification. Both north and south terraces posed their own individual challenges and hazards however they also shared a need for unobstructed water and drain run off. Water pooling is always a concern when power pressure washing is the cleaning solution. This is especially true for any enclosed patio cleaning project positioned above ground and sharing common property as is the case with all strata complexes.Patio stone balcony cleaning Vancouver - before power wash

Pressure Power Washing Assessment Survey

“A plumber’s dream job… and a strata and home owner’s nightmare”

On first assessment of the overall deck cleaning service requirements and overall patio condition it was clear all the usual suspects were present i.e. plenty of grime build up; green and black algae stains on every surface; and  unwanted moss growth eating away the potters, wood retaining walls and chewing away any granular surface it could establish a foothold. We will tell you how we dealt with those intruders in a moment. There was a more sinister culprit hiding in the shadows which might have set a trap for a less experienced power washing avenger – drain blockage and water damage.

Patio Cleaning Drain Blockage and Water Damage

Drainage problems are common in pressure washing restoration cleaning work and this last minute foe can easily get overlooked and rear its ugly head without warning to its unsuspecting and inexperienced power washing homeowners across Vancouver year round. This costly oversight has laid claim to many a property owner’s insurance policy and if unaccounted for and taken for granted can cost thousands upon millions of dollars in related flooding and water damages.

Balcony stone patio pathway and frosted deck glass Vancouver - before soft wash

We set out with the standard Superhero Property Maintenance power washing and drainage test survey, ensuring all drains where clear of debris and draining obstructions at both the front and mirroring back garden patios. This complimentary first stage assessment is crucial and essential for this type of jobs success and has afforded Super Hero Property Maintenance a perfect zero claim record. Our “measure twice, cut once” philosophy is invaluable and a necessary step.
With minimal drainage pooling issues we were good to proceed with the planned and approved work detail.

The Plan – Onto The Patio & Deck Cleaning / Restoration

After presenting our findings; concerns and professional observations to the home owner and listening carefully to the client’s objectives; it was time to execute the patio restoration work.

The Battlefield – Walls, Windows, Patio & Sewer Drain System

We naturally needed to work from top to bottom to ensure that all run off was channeled into the sewer drain system, making gravity our ally and not our enemy. There was moss entrenched on the east concrete walls, potters and wood retaining walls of the planters that took our flanks. The algae stains on almost every available surface including the overhanging brushed steel bulkheads, aluminum siding interior walls, frosted glass railings and marble separating property walls weren’t going to leave without a fight and would require more than just a regular pressure power washing treatment. The always visually intimidating general’s grime and dirt embedded in the textured red tiling seemed to be immovable throughout the property and would be our last stage for battle. It was clear we needed to bring out weapon “X”; our top secret anti algae moss agent that requires our two stage treatment application. The moss had been devouring the blue painted cinder block separating walls for some time and could not be hit with high pressure due to the risk of potential damage to the underlying surface.

Condo north facing algae stained stone patio deck tiles - Before treatments

Heavily soiled balcony patio deck paver's - Before bio friendly pre spray and pressure wash

With careful time management considerations we took to our trusted non-toxic proprietary algae and moss killer pre-spray. This brilliant eco-friendly solution allows us to remove algae and moss by killing the spores at the roots of the infestation.

With minimal disturbance to the surface being treated and protection of the surrounding organic vegetation our client was thrilled with the results.  Unlike household chlorine bleach our pre-treatment solution is hydrogen based and only kills unwanted algae and moss growth while being completely safe for both animals and surrounding plants and vegetation.

Deck Cleaning Grime Fighters To The Rescue

We were then free to apply minimal pressure and power rinse the treated problem surfaces. This is known as soft washing. With the soft washing technique we released these unwanted guests’ grips from their hostage host’s patio surfaces. Some of the finest deck cleaning service and restoration campaigns Superhero Property Maintenance has waged have been won with finesse and strategy but this job also called for muscle and elbow grease.

Frosted balcony glass membrane and patio tile pathway cleaned after SPM service

Brushed steel aluminum bulk heads and garden foot paths restored after SPM service

Patio deck red stone tiles returned to like new after SPM deck cleaning service

Another Vancouver deck cleaning service flawlessly executed and power washing project victory in the books with extremely satisfied clients. This West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver condominium’s outdoor patio in its strata building was truly a treat to restore. Another prime example of our “6 P’s” motto – prior planning preparation prevent poor performance”. The final results were visually very rewarding. Whether we restore a grimy surface by applying soft washing, pressure washing, or good old fashioned elbow grease, at Superhero Property Maintenance we love to transform Vancouver exterior living spaces making what was once old new again realizing their full potential.

Vancouver south facing balcony patio - Deck garden renewed with multiple service applications and treatments - SPM service complete